The Netherlands

INFORMAS in The Netherlands is run by Dr. Maartje Poelman, A/Professor Carlijn Kamphuis, Professor Frank van Lenthe and PhD-student Sanne Djojosoeparto of Utrecht University, The Netherlands. 

As part of the European Policy Evaluation Network (PEN), the Food-EPI was conducted in the Netherlands, starting from Febr 2019. In this effort, the team is working together with (inter)national partners of PEN.  Moreover, we will undertake efforts to conduct the Food-EPI in the European Union, assessing EU wide actions/polices relevant in all European countries.



Maartje Poelman

Assistant professor in Public Health Nutrition

Co-chair ‘Food-EPI workpackage’ of the EU Policy Evaluation Network

Utrecht University, the Netherlands

Phone: +61488352161 (temporary mobile phone)

Email:Maartje Poelman



Carlijn Kamphuis 

Associate professor 

Workpackage leader in the EU Policy Evaluation Network

Utrecht University, the Netherlands

Phone: +31-30-2537143

Email: Carlijn Kamphuis



Professor Frank van Lenthe 

Professor Social Epidemiology

Workpackage leader the EU Policy Evaluation Network

Erasmus University Rotterdam and Utrecht University, the Netherlands


Drs. Sanne Djojosoeparto     


Utrecht University, the Netherlands


Status (as of December 2018)


Public Sector (Food EPI)

 Starts February 2019

Private Sector    
Food Composition    
Food Labelling    
Food Promotion    
Food Prices    
Food Retail    
Food Provision    
Food Trade & Investment    
Food-EPI was completed for the Netherlands in 2020, and the report is now available. 
European Union Food-EPI
The Food-EPI Report for the EU is now available: 
  • Joint Programming Initiative – A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life (JPI HDHL)
  • The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw)
  • Utrecht University, the Netherlands, faculty of human geography and spatial planning