INFORMAS in Slovenia is run by Professor Igor Pravst, Dr Anita Kušar and Dr Katja Žmitek.

INFORMAS benchmarking is implemented into programme of Slovenian national research programme “Nutrition and Public Health”, run by the Nutrition Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia and funded by the Slovenian Research Agency (SRA). Several research projects were funded by the Ministry of health of Republic of Slovenia and SRA under umbrella of this research programme, enabling extensive monitoring of the food supply in retail environment. First food labelling and composition data collection was conducted back in 2011, while more extensive collection was conducted in year 2015. The data collection included taking photographs of all foods, and also food prices. Special software was developed to support data collection (CLAS – Composition and Labelling Information System). Slovenian team also focus into evaluation of the food promotion. The data on the television advertising of foods has been therefore collected for years 2015-2016-2017 and is currently being analysed.

Research results are important for evaluation of the changes in the Slovenian food supply, and conduction of Slovenian Resolution on Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health 2015–2025. The Slovenian team is collaborating also closely also with national authorities and other stakeholders, interested in mapping the healthiness of food environments.

The collected currently being analysed for presentation to stakeholders and use in scientific publications. Several publications have already been published on topics, related with INFORMAS modules.

Professor Igor Pravst

Professor of Nutrition
Head of Nutrition and Public Health Research Group
Nutrition Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 590 68870

Email: Professor Igor Pravst
URL: Web page



Dr Anita Kušar

Nutrition and Public Health Research Group; Researcher
Nutrition Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 590 68870

Email: Dr Anita Kušar

URL: Web page            



Dr Katja Žmitek

Nutrition and Public Health Research Group; Researcher
Nutrition Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Phone: +386 590 68870

Email: Dr Katja Žmitek

URL: Web page


Status (as of December 2019) Outputs
Public Sector (Food EPI)    
Private Sector    
Food Composition
  • Full data collection started in 2015. Comparisons possible with year 2011. Some results already published.
 1, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15
Food Labelling  

  • Full data collection started in 2015. Comparisons possible with year 2011. Some results already published.
 2, 3, 4
Food Promotion  

  • Television: published
  • Magazines: published
  • Social media/Facebook: planned
  • Internet: planned
  • Sports sponsorship: /
  • Outdoor advertising: /
 7, 9, 14
Food Prices  

  • Data collection completed (2015, 2017)
Food Retail  

  • In-store: Full data collection started in 2015. Comparisons possible with year 2011. Some results already published.
Food Provision
  • Schools: data collection completed
  • Early Childhood Education: data collection completed
  • Hospitals: data collection completed
 2, 6, 13, 15
Food Trade & Investment    
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  • Slovenian Research Agency
  • Ministry of Health of Republic of Slovenia