Dr Gary SacksDr Gary Sacks

Senior Research Fellow

Faculty of Health, Deakin Population Health SRC, Melbourne Burwood Campus
Deakin University
Melbourne, Australia


Module Status (as of May 2018) Outputs
Public Sector (Food EPI)
  • Funding received to repeat Food-EPI.
  • Follow-up in 2018 on progress against recommendations in 2017 report.
  • Full assessment to be conducted in 2019/2020.
Private Sector
  • First reports launched.
Food Composition
  • Report in progress – “State of the Food Supply in Australia” that includes key indicators around food composition.
Food Labelling
Food Promotion
Food Prices
  • In progress.
  • Exploring methods to “scrape” food price data from supermarket websites which would allow for continuous food price monitoring in Australia.
Food Retail
  • Funding received for :

1. Mapping the change in density of fast food outlets and association with dietary changes.

2. Conducting repeat monitoring of in-store supermarket environments.

Food Provision
Food Trade & Investment

None currently.

Additional Publications

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