Hong Kong

INFORMAS in Hong Kong is led by Dr Jimmy Louie of the School of Biological Sciences, The University of Hong Kong.

Dr Louie currently works on 2 INFORMAS modules: Food Composition and Food Promotion.

In collaboration with The George Institute for Global Health, Australia, Dr Louie has localized the successful FoodSwitch program for use in Hong Kong in 2017. Through the FoodSwitch project, nutrition information of pre-packaged foods sold in Hong Kong will be collected and recorded annually to create a longitudinal dataset which would allow the monitoring of the Hong Kong pre-packaged food supply.

Dr Louie’s group is also currently working on a pilot study to examine the extent of television-based food promotion in Hong Kong, using the standard INFORMAS protocol.

Dr. Jimmy Louie

Assistant Professor in Food and Nutritional Sciences

School of Biological Sciences

Hong Kong University

Email: Dr. Jimmy Louie

Module Status (as of May 2018) Outputs
Public Sector (Food EPI)
Private Sector
Food Composition  In progress
Food Labelling
Food Promotion  Pilot study in progress
Food Prices
Food Retail
Food Provision
Food Trade & Investment

The George Institute for Global Health

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