INFORMAS in Ethiopia is run by Dr Kaleab Baye, Ursula Truebswasser and Elise Talsma

A pilot study has been conducted between October and December 2018 in one public school of Addis Ababa. The school food environment has been assessed for different types of food outlets and food advertising, using the food promotion module. All food outlets and food advertising has been mapped and availability of different food groups and processed foods has been assessed in a subset of different food outlet categories. This assessment of the objective food outlet has been combined with a qualitative study on the perceived food environment of students, using Photovoice.

Together with the Bureau of Education, this pilot study will be scaled up to ten public and private schools in Addis Ababa. Findings shall help improve existing school nutrition policies and programmes.

Dr Kaleb Baye

Associate Professor & Director 

Centre for Food Science and Nutrition

Phone:  +251 911890489

Email:  Dr Kaleb Baye



Ursula Truebswasser

PhD Candidate, Division of Human Nutrition and Health
Wageningen University

Phone: +251 929034804

Email: Ursula Truebswasser




Dr Elise Talsma

Assistant Professor Food and Nutrition Security, Division of Human Nutrition and Health

Wageningen University

Phone: +31 (0) 317482589

E-mail: Dr Elise Talsma


Status (as of December 2018)


Public Sector (Food EPI)    
Private Sector    
Food Composition    
Food Labelling    
Food Promotion
  •  Adapted as part of pilot study for school environment
Food Prices    
Food Retail
  •  Adapted as part of pilot study for diversity of retail outlets
Food Provision    
Food Trade & Investment    
  • A4NH
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