Country team for INFORMAS in India is run by The George Institute for Global Health. Indian food composition database using Foodswitch, now provides data of 11,000 packaged food products. Nutritional composition data were collected from the labels of all packaged food products sold in large chain retail stores during 2016 and between 2012-2014. A survey was undertaken by the George Institute to understand of the nutritional quality of packaged food and non-alcoholic beverage products sold by the largest manufacturers in India. In 2016, The George Institute was selected to undertake this survey and was commissioned by the Access to Nutrition Foundation (ATNF) to produce the first-ever Product Profile for India that would input into the 2016 India Access to Nutrition Spotlight Index. The Index will score and rank the contribution of largest food and beverage manufacturers to tackling the double burden of malnutrition.

The India team is supported by INFORMAS, D. Bruce Neal Senior Director, Food Policy Division, The George Institute for Global Health.


Thout Sudhir Raj

Research Fellow, research & Development, Database Manager for India Food Composition Database-FoodSwitch (India) study

The George Institiute for Global Health, India

Phone: +91 403099 4444; M +91 99597 77976

Email:  Thout Sudhir Raj



Module Status (as of 01/17) Outputs

Public Sector

(Food EPI)

Private Sector
Food Composition Data collection completed 1, 2
Food Labelling Data collection completed
Food Promotion
Food Prices
Food Retail
Food Provision
Food Trade & Investment


Technical report

  1. Salt content of processed foods India.–june-16.pdf

  1. Report on the comparative nutritional profile of 943 food And beverage products marketed by 12 large companies in India



Gupta, P., Mohan, S., Johnson, C., Garg, V., Thout, S.R., Shivashankar, R., Krishnan, A., Neal, B., & Prabhakaran, D. (2018). Stakeholders’ perceptions regarding a salt reduction strategy for India: Findings from qualitative research. PLOS.

Centre for Chronic Disease Control & Prevention, India.

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