INFORMAS in Malta is led by Dr Daniel Cauchi.

At present, a minimal approach to data collection within the INFORMAS framework is being undertaken in Malta. Thus far, the Food Promotion, Food Prices and Food Retail modules have been partially addressed. Data collection was carried out during 2014-2015, with the second round of national television food advertising data (2017) currently being coded.

Dr Daniel Cauchi

Dr Daniel Cauchi

Resident Specialist in Public Health Medicine

Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
University of Malta

Phone: +356 79617648

Email: Daniel Cauchi

Module Status (as of May 2018) Outputs
Public Sector (Food EPI) Food-EPI paused.
Private Sector No current plans
Food Composition Data collection completed; analysis underway

(National Food Consumption Survey Malta)

Food Labelling No current plans
Food Promotion – Social media/Facebook: planning
– Television: March 2014 data published. May 2017 data has been coded and now being analysed.
Food Prices Data collection completed 3
Food Retail In-store: data collection completed 3
Food Provision Planning
Food Trade & Investment No current plans
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  • Malta Government Scholarship Scheme
  • Malta Obesity Association