Foodback Project

About Foodback

Our objective at Foodback is to create this public support and pressure for healthier food policies and places across New Zealand. Foodback has the goal of creating healthy food places will also increase happiness and wellbeing of communities and many generations to come.

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The Foodback App

Foodback is a smartphone app for crowdsourcing data on the healthiness of foods advertised and sold in local community settings (i.e., schools, hospitals, supermarkets, takeaways, sports clubs) and outdoors (i.e., around schools) in New Zealand.

The results will be fed back automatically to local ‘change agents’ (such as schools, hospitals, managers of supermarkets, takeaways and sports clubs,..) in the form of badges (e.g. sugary drink free) and medals (bronze/silver/gold).

This way, settings and communities can be compared against each other, and people can encourage and support local ‘change agents’ to make positive, healthy changes to foods advertised and sold in their community.

  • The Foodback app is available to download on Android and iOS.