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INFORMAS in Ireland: Dr Janas Harrington, is leading the Irish team to implement the INFORMAS ‘Public Sector’ module and Ms Charlotte Griffin is the key project researcher.  The Irish team, which is based in the HRB Centre for Health and Diet Research in the School of public Health UCC, has good working relationships with the Irish Department of Health and key stakeholders responsible for framing and developing food policy on Ireland.  Food-EPI Ireland is currently progressing with data collection completed and the evidence paper is currently at the validation stage. 

Ireland Food-EPI is part of the EU JPI funded Policy Evaluation Network (PEN).


Dr Janas Harrington

Senior Lecturer in Public Health Nutrition,

HRB Centre for Health and Diet Research,

School of Public Health,

University College Cork, Ireland

Phone: +353 21 4205504

Email:Janas Harrington



Charlotte Griffin.

Food –EPI Researcher

HRB Centre For Health and Diet Research

School of Public Health

University College Cork, Ireland

Phone: +353 21 4205504

Email: Charlotte Griffin





Status (as at February 2020)


Public Sector (Food EPI)
  • Expert rating and prioritisation workshops conducted February 2020
  • EU workshop scheduled for 19 March 2020
Private Sector    
Food Composition    
Food Labelling    
Food Promotion    
Food Prices    
Food Retail    
Food Provision    
Food Trade & Investment    
  • Irish Health Research Board
  • EH JPI Healthy Diet for Healthy Life (HDHL)