Population Diet

What is the quality of the diet of different populations? In order to assess the impact of food environments on population diets, it is necessary to monitor population diet quality between countries and over time. A step-wise INFORMAS framework is proposed for monitoring population diet quality:

  • In the proposed ‘minimal’ approach, national trends of food and energy availability can be explored using FBaS.
  • In the ‘expanded’ and ‘optimal’ approaches, the dietary share of ultra-processed products is measured as an indicator of energy-dense, nutrient-poor diets using HBES and food intake surveys, respectively.

Professor Carlos A. Monteiro
Department of Nutrition
School of Public Health
University of Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Email: carlosam@usp.br

Monitoring and benchmarking population diet quality globally: a step-wise approach (pages 135–149) S. Vandevijvere, C. Monteiro, S. M. Krebs-Smith, A. Lee, B. Swinburn, B. Kelly, B. Neal, W. Snowdon, G. Sacks and INFORMAS The INFORMAS paper is available online at: here

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