The World Public Health Nutrition Congress 2024 will take place on 10 to 13 June, 2024 in London, UK. Registrations are still open and day registrations and selected online access are also available (link to registration).

The Congress will be held one year before the end of the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition and aims to question the current global solutions to addressing malnutrition in all its forms and take a new look at priorities and actions needed.

As reported by the World Public Health Nutrition Association (WPHNA), the intention is to ensure that nutrition goals become political priorities and that solutions give voice to those marginalised and most affected by food insecurity and threats to the food system, including threats to food sovereignty, while challenging the voices of corporate actors in planning and policymaking.

Venue: University of Westminster, London, England.

For further information about the event, click here.