A Call to Action for Scientists and Food Monitoring Experts.

In light of the global engagement around the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS), it is clear that concrete commitments are required from solution clusters, action coalitions, and Member States, to enable food systems transformation. Scientists and Food Monitoring Experts are paramount in generating and translating evidence on progress towards healthy and sustainable food systems. 

In collaboration with several like-minded global partners, the INFORMAS Secretariat has developed an International Pact on Monitoring for Accountability for Action on Food Systems, aka. The Accountability Pact.

The Accountability Pact invites signees to commit to monitoring for accountability for action on food systems. 

Sign the Accountability Pact!


Official Launch via Zoom Webinar

1 September, 2021,  13:00 CEST, 07:00 EDT, 21:00 AEST

Join us for a UNFSS update, monitoring food systems update, launch of the Accountability Pact and discussion of next steps.

Speakers include:

  • Prof. Boyd Swinburn

  • Dr. Lawrence Haddad

  • Prof. Jessica Fanzo

  • Dr. Stefanie Vandevijvere

  • A/Prof. Gary Sacks

  • Inge Kauer

  • Prof. William Masters

  • Prof. Amos Laar

  • Prof. Tilakavati Karupaiah

  • Dr. Simón Barquera

  • Prof. Nasrin Omidvar